Friday, January 27, 2006

The Daily OnLine Orders!!

Our online store is now going great! Here is a sample of packages for the day.

This is how Sara tried to get a ball out of the store one day. It said "Please take me home, I want to be your Project of the Day!!!"

Pictures of Customer Projects

Here we have Theresa's wonderful Fish Bag.

How cute is this???????

This would be Joycies Noro Tubu yarn knitted into a rug.

Wonderful colors, and I think I am going to sneak into her house one day while she is working and steal it. She will never know!!

Molly loved it, but refused to walk on it.

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Team Lambikin's

Ok lovely people, here is a list of Team Lambikins so far!!

Knitting Olympics Team Lambikins

Christina - 96 square Afghan with 26 colors Book - Handknit Holidays
Sara - Fitted Fair Isle Jacket with embroidery - Book - Norsk Strikkedesign
Betty - Mitered Square Vest Book - Modular Knits
Donna - Nevada City Windows Slip Stitch Jacket - Book Module Magic
Kathy - Family Affair ( Cabled Afghan) - Book - Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics
Mindy - FiberTrends Lace shawl
Sandy - Braided Neckpiece from Loop De Loop
Mindy - Shoalwater shawl from FiberTrends
Tonia - Fair Isle Hat from Interweave Fall 2004
Leslie - Double Knit woven rug from Simple Knits with a Twist
Susan - Pure and Simple Pullover Chunky Sweater
Anne - Field of Flowers FiberTrends Lace Shawl
Tonya - Paws to Remember Fibertrends Scarf
Kathy - Top Down Fair Isle Cardigan Book - Top Down for Toddlers
Mary - Triangular Shawl

Everyone is picking great projects. For those of you who are not yet signed up, keep thinking of a new project.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Annie Modesitt Teaching at Lambikin’s Hideaway
We are happy to announce that in May we have a nationally known knit and crochet designer coming to teach at Lambikin’s Hideaway. Annie Modesitt will be teaching at our store from May 20th to May 23rd. Starting Monday, January 22 we will be taking registrations for her classes. Class size will be limited, which will make signups on a first come first serve basis. You must pay the class fee in full when signing up to reserve your spot.

The classes that are going to be offered are:

Cocoon Shrug: Saturday, May 20 10 AM - 4 PM Skill Level: Intermediate to AdvanceCost: $150 (Yarn is included) Description: Each student will create a swatch based on the Fall Vogue Knitting 2005 cover sweater (designed by the instructor). In this class students will use their measurements to determine the correct size of a cocoon sweater and perfect sleeve placement. Students should know how to knit and purl and be comfortable changing colors. The yarn provided is Lorna’s Laces Worsted weight wool and their Boucle yarn. When you sign up for class you will be able to pick you color choices for your project. Lambikin’s will provide lunch.

Technique Sampler Bag: Sunday, May 21 12-6 PM Skill Level: Beginner to AdvancedCost: $60 dollarsDescription: In this class you will make a small bag using many different techniques including cables, pocket making, and more. Lambikin’s will provide a snack.

Cable Mania : Monday, May 22 12-3 PMSkill Level: Intermediate to AdvanceCost: $30Description: Cables are a mainstay of knitting, but the technique for knitting them WITHOUT cabling needles has eluded many expert knitters. Overcome your fear of cabling and at the same time learn a technique that is faster and easier than the standard technique which uses an extra needle to twist the yarn. Even if you're a beginning knitter, you can cable like an Irish Fisherman (or woman). Come prepared to knit.

Combinations Knitting : Monday, May 22 5-8 PM Skill Level: Beginner to AdvancedCost: $30 dollarsDescription: Christened "Combination Knitting" by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts (Fall 2000 Interweave Knits magazine) this method is a combination of the Western or German/American/English style of knitting and Eastern/Islamic knitting. Easier and quicker than traditional Western knitting, this method, creates a very even tension with less "rowing out" less wrist strain. If this method is different than how you've been taught, give it a try and you may discover a new love of knitting blooming. If you're a first time knitter - enjoy!

New Directions in knitting with color: Tuesday, May 23 12-3 PMSkill Level: Intermediate to AdvancedCost: $30 dollarsDescription: Colorwork is a wonderful thing, and so satisfying for a knitter! Don't be afraid, be bold and confident as you take up your needles - enjoy the full range of colored yarns that are all around you. In this class we will learn how to "read" a colorwork chart and learn the basics of changing colors in a row while knitting. We will also discuss the differences between fair isle and intarsia, and compare different methods of carrying yarn across the back of the work. Come prepared to knit!

Class descriptions provided by Annie Modesitt.

Knitting Olympics

In keeping with the spirit of Yarn Harlot, Lambikin’s is going to participate in the Knitting Olympics. You can go to her blog online and register yourself, and then come into Lambikin’s to prepare.
The details for the Knitting Olympics are online from Yarn Harlot, and we can explain them in the store as well.

You must choose a project that is going to challenge you. This is for everyone of every skill level. You must cast on during the opening ceremonies, and be finished with your project by the end of the closing ceremonies.

What Lambikin’s is going to do to help?
Bring in a copy of this blog and we will give you 10% off of your Knitting Olympics project. This is a one-time discount that will apply to everything you need for your project: from pattern to needle to yarn. We will help you pick out a project and make sure you are ready to compete. You will have 16 days to complete your project. There will be a big opening ceremonies party Friday night, February 10. We will watch the opening ceremonies and cast on and get the projects underway. We will keep track of the projects in process and on the Monday after the closing ceremonies we will ask you to bring in you finished projects for medal voting. We will post all of the projects online and everyone can vote on placement. Lambikin’s will have a gold, silver and bronze prize.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

It is very rainy, muddy, and wet here.

This is a Domino Hat done and finished by Donna. She took the Domino Hat class in fall. This is a fun technique that you can use to make anything you want, from bags to sweaters to hot pads.

Sara is sitting at the table at the moment, starting her new project of the day. She is trying hard to win a ufo competition with guild. If nothing else, we will have many started objects here at the store so you can see the different yarns as they knit up. Thanks Sara!!!

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Picture Show

Ok, A new year has come and I am already behind in blogging.

Here are some great projects coming from the store.

This is a picture of Passion.
is 100% silk and is sold exclusively at Lambikins.
The colors are good here, but awesome in person.
There are 20 colors all seen here except Ivory, Chocolate, and Ebony.

This is a baby sweater made by Kelly,
isn't it adorable!! Come into the store and you will see a picture of the lucky recipient wearing his new sweater on our picture project door.

New in the store this week is Cascade 220 Superwash!! This is a great washable yarn and we have 17 colors of it.

I will post pictures of it tomorrow. All those who were still eyeing the Malabrigo, it is gone with exception of 2 colors. But do not worry, our next order is due in at the end of February.

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